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ADempiere /ˌɑːdɛmˈpjɛr/ is an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software package released under an free software license. The word ADempiere in Italian means "to fulfill" or "to accomplish". The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
The ADempiere project was created in September 2006. Disagreement between the open-source developer community that formed around the Compiere open-source ERP software and the project's corporate sponsor ultimately led to the creation of Adempiere as a fork of Compiere. Within weeks of the fork, ADempiere reached the top five of the SourceForge.net rankings, and has remained one of the top-ranked open-source projects since then. This activity provides a measure of both the size of its developer community and also its impact on the open source ERP software market.
The goal of the Adempiere project is the creation of a community-developed and supported open source business solution. The Adempiere community follows the open-source model of the Bazaar described in Eric Raymond's article The Cathedral and the Bazaar
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