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Popup Message from Server to Clients using Socket Programming in Adempiere

It will be more convenient for the client if he get a popup notification at the time of order completion. We achieved this using Socket Programming in ADempiere.

In Socket Programming, messages sends through ports using port number. The message send from the server is identified by the client port and given to a popup window.

A column named IsNotified added to AD_Session Table and it’s value is set to 'Y' by default. When an order is completed, this column value will change to 'N'. Clients with IsNotified value 'N' will get the popup notification. The popup will open in every minute and elapse automatically after 10 seconds until the client closes it manually. This time IsNotified column value will change to 'Y'. So that particular client won’t get any popup notification further.

The following classes added to ADempiere:




The following ADempiere class  got changed:


Here, Notifier is a process created in ADempiere, and this process is given to an ADempiere scheduler. Popup Class is called from PopupClient. PopupClient is called from ADempiere Login class.

Popup notification format:

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