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ADempiere 3.9.1 Release Note

The world class professional ERP ADempiere have released its latest version 3.9.1 twenty days back. Great News. A big salute to the great community setting the proper measures and  taking the software to the next level.

The acceptance level of ADempiere screens in the bottom level of organization - data entry operators - is always difficult. In the case of massive number of PO's or direct invoice entries, will take time and less visibility of entire picture. The new version contains the Quick Sheet feature, which can save the data entry time, but the complete view of an entry is still bit far. For example, while we do a Invoice entry, we move to Invoice Line, we are losing the business partner, invoice reference number, cumulative amount of the invoice etc. The included tab as grid will sort out most of the issues, but the data entry in that view need fine tuning to grab the data entry satisfaction.

But this is not  at all a concern while selecting ADempiere as an ERP. ADempiere is a gem, where a company can control their end to end business activity in a low cost budget.

Another important note on the new release is Cost Engine for Average Invoice, Hope the patch is covering all the reverse document costing issues in the transactions.

ADempiere 3.9.1 Release Note (From Github release page)

Functional Changes
  • New! Quick Sheet implementation for massive data entry, integrated with standard Grid
  • Cost Engine finished and working for Average Invoice
  • Bank Statement Automatic Reconciliation
  • Support of standard Bank Transfer Data
    • QIF
    • MT940
    • OFC/OFX
  • Payment Selection enhanced
  • Multiple bank transfer for payment selection
  • Request Management Improved
  • Landed Costs bug fixing
  • Several New Smart Browsers
    • Request Management
    • Requisition to Purchase Order
    • Material Requisition
    • Collect Invoices of Business Partner
    • Fixed Asset Balance
    • Project to Task
    • Project to Request
  • Improvements in Project Management
  • Document for Asset Split
  • Prepayment Immediate Allocation
  • Commissions Bug fixing
  • Improvements around Roles and Users
  • Automatically Voiding Payments generated by Bank Transfer process
  • New window for Cash Transaction
  • Improve for dunning and send mail
  • Add Bank as cash for transactions
  • POS: Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Standard request Type and Standard request for Request Management
  • Add the Freight info into Outbound Order


  • Send Mails
  • Several bug fixes
  • Post Every Employee Individually
  • Helper Methods
  • Create Invoice from Movements (Useful for generate AP Invoice from concept)
  • Automatic allocation from Payroll Process (Very useful for loan allocation from payroll discounts)
  • Add Payroll Process Report Template
  • New Reports:
    • Employee Detail
    • Employee Dependents
    • Employee Bank Account
    • Employee Salary Change
    • Report for Payroll Movements
    • Payroll Report

Project Management

  • New functionality for Advanced Project Managements
  • Integrate Project Management with Request Management
  • Synchronize account dimension of Project Header with Project Phase and Project Task
  • Model Validator catches many Events
  • Sync with Payroll
  • Project Info Window
  • Generation of Sales Orders, Manufacturing Orders from Project

User Experience

  • Dashboard depending on role
  • New field style condition
  • Row style configuration
  • Popup to close tabs (ZK)
  • Restore Login Password (ZK)
  • New Dynamic Tree Functionality
  • Add dynamic Context Info on Status
  • Info windows revamped
  • Grid management improved
  • Open Window after process


  • CSV as report format output
  • Images for Jasper Reports
  • Exporting Files downloading automatically
  • Sending Files: directly without download
  • Improved Totals in Reports
  • Add account dimension for Accounting Report
  • Statement of Accounts improved


  • Add FileName parameter to MigrationLoader
  • Import Business Partner when a contact with same email exists
  • Change Step Default Logic

Technical Changes

  • Close Security Gaps
  • Integration with Travis for automatic build, continuous integration and future testing
  • Tomcat 8.5 support
  • Oracle XE 18 and JDBC Driver 18.3
  • PostgreSQL 11.1 and JDBC Driver to 42.2.5
  • Full UUID Support (UUIDs from PO class)
  • New libraries for PDF display
  • Add helper methods for class TimeUtil
  • Allow Attachment File types
  • Open Window after process (Allows open a window with all processed records)
  • Export from report for any format with dynamic Report Export functionality
  • Connection with external application from ADempiere App Registration
  • Add Icon Image for any column defined as Button
  • Add dynamic Context Info

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