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ADempiere Tips

1. Application theft, Database theft

KeyStore Password is  the answer for the application theft. If email has set, you will get an email alert if server runs.

2. User Privileges

Several user and Role privileges for window, process, workflow etc.
Personal Lock

3. Busy Connection issue

Try to use the default DB.java methods to execute your query. If you want to use the PreparedStatement, be sure you have closed the ResultSet and Connection String using 'DB.close(rs,pstmt);' in the finally block of your try

4. Default Reports in a window is not active?

Then, check any Report is mapped in the field Process of corresponding Tab of that window. The connected report is invoked with that button with different print formats(if defined!).

5. Slow down issue

   1. http://www.chuckboecking.com/adempiere-idempiere-performance-tuning-scale-ability/
   2. http://www.chuckboecking.com/adempiere-idempiere-high-volume-warehouse-locators-update/

  • "Table Direct and Table references are very expensive compared to the reference type Search"
  • Set proper INDEX in Tables"
  • Importance of INDEX: If you don't have indexes on any column in the WHERE clause, the SQL server have to walk through the whole table and check every row to see if it matches, which may be a slow operation on big tables."

   3. http://tekadempiere.blogspot.in/2014/09/tuning-postgresql-for-better-performance.html

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