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Port is already in use during the ADempiere Server Starts

     Some times, there will be few port conflicts with the ADempiere server with any other applications running on the same. We had a same kind conflict few days  back.
Our internal server web port was 8080, as normal. and it was forward to 8888 for publishing the web application to the internet. During a server machine restart, the ADempiere server was reluctant to execute saying port 8080 is already in use.

     The culprit was the Ammy Admin this time. For the remote access we were using the ammy admin in the server machine. So it was engaging the 8080 port. 
There are TWO solutions for this. 
1. Kill the application which engaging the web server port.
2. Change the web server port from 8080 to any other.

The following are the simple steps to find out the engaged ports in the machine and killing those services.

1. netstat -b

It will list down all the established communications and corresponding port. We will get to know the application details from this command. Find out the same in Task Manage Services and kill the same.

 2. netstat -n -o

This command will list down all the engaged sessions with PID. This PID can be mapped with the same in the Task Manager -> Services.
We can kill the corresponding application to make the port free.

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