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ADempiere Theme Management

ADempiere Web UI have implemented only single default theme. The theme folder structure will be something similar to the below

       |-<theme name>

I am not going to explain more. Find more details here : http://wiki.adempiere.net/ZK_Theme_Development

Here I am going to tell you 2 things: 1) Which CSS section need to edit, 2) What are the image file names. See the ITheme.java (https://github.com/adempiere/adempiere/blob/develop/zkwebui/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/theme/ITheme.java) for the CSS file details and the logo details. You will find which file to change to get your expected logo/color.

Also see ThemeManager.java (https://github.com/adempiere/adempiere/blob/develop/zkwebui/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/theme/ThemeManager.java). You can see several system configurators. Those configurators may not be in your system configuration window. What you can do is, create the sys config with the same name and give the respective search key. It will take that value while executing the server service.

The color, width and all can be changed in the CSS file - theme.css.dsp. You can find it here (https://github.com/adempiere/adempiere/blob/develop/zkwebui/theme/default/css/theme.css.dsp). Go through the details, you can read the theme colors and other design entities.

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